Suing A Drunk Driver

One of the most helpless feelings a person can experience is getting hit by a drunk driver. Alcohol and drugs cause thousands of auto accidents on a yearly basis,and severe injuries or even death are the ultimate consequences. Suing a drunk driver with help from a- is an option that every single person should pursue,but there are some proper steps along the way.

The first thing a person should do is file and insurance claim after an injury with the driver’s company. Driver’s are required to have car insurance,and going through their insurance makes it possible to not have to pay for anything out of pocket. Medical care is the most important thing to take care of in the beginning.

The key to suing a drunk driver,in many cases,is getting that DUI conviction. It is very,very difficult for a lawsuit to go to trial and a person not win against someone with a DUI conviction. That is why insurance companies are very quick to provide some type of settlement in order to avoid making it a true legal issue.

Perhaps the trickiest thing for a person to deal with is if they live in one of the no-fault states in the United States. Those states require a person to use their own personal injury protection to cover medical bills initially. Only after can a person sue for compensation. It is a bit of a hassle in the beginning,but most of the time it all works out.

The most important thing to remember is that being hit by a drunk driver should never be tolerated. There are ways to win money back and not have to worry about lost wages or medical bills. A- is usually the best way to go when it comes to that help.

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